The cards on this page are genuine sample cards designed or chosen by our customers.


Your own memorial card designs, pictures and verses make your own memorial cards personal and beautiful. All our memorial cards are personaly hand-made to your own requirements, whether single, folded or bookmark types.

You can choose designs, pictures and verses from our catalogue to help you design your own memorial cards which are plastic laminated, small or large bookmark type, or folded. You can send us your own designs and verses for us to make up for you.

Your cards can be either religious or non-religious, traditional or modern.

We also make your Acknowledgement Cards and "Thank You" cards.

Our catalogue contains 24 verses for you to choose from but of course you can

supply us with your own favourite verses.

Our order form is very user-friendly, there are no endless choices to make,

you just enter what you personally would like on your card. Then we will send

you a FREE proof for your inspection before we print off your order.

We know that our pricing structure is very competitive, sensible and affordable

and so we hope that you will carefully browse this site to obtain a flavour and insight into the types of memorial cards we can produce for you.

   You can, of course, have your own personal favourite graphic for the front of your card.

                                  Just e-mail us the picture or send it to us for scanning.

Please request a Catalogue with FREE SAMPLES by using the email form below.

Order Forms, which you can download and print, are available on the Price List page below.

A selection of our most popular cards can be seen by clicking the link below.

The above card shows the back and front, and the insides, of a combined

                  “Thank You” acknowledgement and “Memorial Card”

I am very sorry but these cards are no longer available.